A.I. for Organizing

Instruction in English, subtitles in English, Spanish, French & Portuguese


This is recorded from a training in June 2023 attended by close to 300 participants. You will learn how to use A.I. for messaging, framing, and segmentation in order to build people power and win electoral, issue, and union campaigns. Additionally, the course will cover prompt engineering techniques to generate messages with the right tone, refine framing techniques, and accurately target your audience. It will explore how specific A.I. tools can improve internal workflows and processes for campaigners, as well as how to utilize image generation tools and create effective prompts.

Although A.I. tools are already proving useful in campaigning, we can’t ignore the significant ethical questions that come with using them, or the alarming ways A.I is already being used to manipulate public opinion on a mass scale. From biases built into the training data used by these models to questions of artistic and content ownership and transparency, to unprecedented opportunities for mass manipulation, there are tremendous concerns associated with A.I. The predominant focus will be on the practical use of these tools. The course discusses the organizing underway to address these issues and to hold A.I. companies accountable for how this technology develops.

What is covered:

  • Using A.I. for messaging, framing and segmentation
  • Using A.I. for organising and workflows
  • Using A.I. for design and content creation


Hannah O’Rourke is a UK-based SMT team member. She is a co-founder of Campaign Lab, a community of politically-minded progressive data scientists, researchers and activists who are working together to build new election tools and change the way we analyze and understand campaigning. She was formerly the director of Labour Together. She has worked in political organizing and campaigns for over 10 years with a foundation in political organizing and coalition management. Her work has brought together data scientists, researchers, academics, policy analysts, and political campaigners together to tackle some of the most pressing strategic questions facing the Labour Party in the UK.


A high number of contractors wanted to register but were not able to attend the live session due to SMT's policy that live trainings are only for NGO/non-profit staff and non-contractor activists. As a result, we are pricing this recording as follows:

  • Non-profits, unions, electoral campaigns: Email [email protected] for a coupon to access the course for $90
  • Consultants, agencies, freelancers: Access the course for $300

Some anonymous feedback

"Provided some pretty amazing and groundbreaking tools to support progressives, which are often undertooled.”

"The demonstrations were super helpful. For example, the ChatGTP was awesome to see and how it worked. I found that working through the programs the most useful and helpful."

"Very helpful. It seems less daunting now to put these tools to work in our progressive advocacy campaigns."

"A great training that both brought me up to speed on AI, ... and challenged me to better understand the AI landscape and its potential!"

"This was incredibly helpful and I look forward to experimenting with some of the tools that were showcased."

"I absolutely loved it and it gave me the spark I needed to come out of my burnout to come up with some new toolkits and campaigns as well as work smarter not harder!"

Photo: A.I.-generated images used in a UK campaign to promote transparency in Parliament. Credit: H. O’Rourke

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