Choosing the Best Content Scheduler

Learn more about the best tool for your organization and budget.

There are dozens of tools out there for managing and scheduling social media. The best ones go beyond simply scheduling and posting content – they help you manage engagement and ensure that no online organizing lead goes without a response. See SMT’s comparison of popular content schedulers and get more on the best tool for your organization and budget.

This course covers:

  • The pros and cons of popular social media management tools such as Loomly, Buffer, Later, Sprout Social, etc., including a comparison table with advantages, disadvantages, pricing, and recommendations covering twelve top tools
  • Top insights from the responses of 100+ movement organizations to the content scheduler survey
  • A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of such tools vs. posting directly on the native social media apps
  • A case study of how social media management tools can support more effective organizing and follow-up
  • Best practices for posting and collaborating effectively across a staff and volunteer team
  • How all of this fits into a stronger online/offline organizing strategy for your campaigns!

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