Combatting Disinformation

Instruction in English, subtitles in English, Français, Español, Português, عربي, Bahasa Indonesia

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All of us face the effects of disinformation in our work. This is false information that is deliberately distributed to mislead, influence public opinion and obscure the truth. Sometimes this is speech that is divisive and abusive; sometimes it’s false narratives designed to manipulate and mislead. All of us are well aware that social media algorithms have intensified the virality of disinformation. And now A.I. is making it easy to create fake content for these campaigns.

This course focuses on how to combat disinformation.

What is covered:

  • How to spot disinformation targeting our communities and networks, particularly how to conduct social listening to identify narrative patterns getting a high response
  • Examples of effective counter-narrative campaigns developed in real campaigns worldwide
  • Examples of organizing quick response networks to combat disinformation
  • How to train members to combat disinformation and what has been learned about effective ways to engage online
  • How to use social media platforms’ complaint channels; its usefulness and limits
  • A template for developing your organization’s Combatting Disinformation Plan


Alistair has worked extensively on projects investigating technology, disinformation and online harms. He led Tactical Tech’s award-winning The Glass Room Project, where he developed the Misinformation Edition. He has led online training programmes on disinformation for civil society actors, and developed a free self-learning course on disinformation for LGBTQI campaigners. Other projects have included: Resonant Signals data sonification workshops with Berlin Libraries, Green4Europe Hackathon for tech sustainability projects in Eastern Europe, supporting climate activists to build their digital resilience, and workshops on technology networks for ecological repair. With SMT Alistair works with groups needing support to combat disinformation.

Photo: Two members of the pro-democracy movement in Thailand (Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanond and Orawan “Bam” Pupong) started their severe hunger strike in January 2023 after this action calling attention to the up to 15-year jail terms for hundreds of young activists accused of speaking ill of the monarchy. After 53 days they stopped the hunger strike to live and fight on. (Photo: T. Rath)

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