Combining Online and Offline Tactics to Maximize Pressure on Your Target

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Whether it’s a local school board or a global corporation, we know that for a target to give workers what they need, we have to make it more painful for them not to. In this course we walk through the steps to power map your target to ramp up your campaign strategically where you have the most leverage. Then we use a real example of a union campaign to illustrate a range of online/offline tactics and how they can be used to create “surround sound” around targets and secondary targets so they just want to make it stop.

What's covered:

  • Power mapping your target to identify strategic points of leverage
  • Assessing online vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Powerful narratives that may not be the union narrative
  • Making the most of offline actions with digital tactics
  • Layered tactics to create “surround sound” at key moments
  • Escalation approaches with combinations of online and offline tactics
  • Timeline, staffing needs and budgeting for smaller and larger campaign

Photo credit: Amazon workers celebrate union win [Eduardo Munoz Alvarez (AP)]

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