Digital Security for Activists

What every activist needs to know. Also, access during internet shutdowns.

With protests underway around the globe, activists are facing new challenges and heightened digital tracking and threats from state actors including the police, white supremacists and others. Captioning in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Bahasa.

Digital Security for Activists Under Authoritarian Regimes, and Maintaining Internet Access During Shutdowns

Do you know how to protect yourself and your movement from these common threats activists face under authoritarian regimes?

  • Elections are coming up. You expect at least a partial internet shutdown as the regime tries to hold onto power and you need to maintain access.
  • Your computer or phone disappears or is lost.
  • It’s possible your home or organization will be raided by the police.
  • You may be stopped by the police and forced to unlock your phone.
  • You’ve heard the regime is using spyware. How to identify it and protect yourself from it. (We’ll also cover stalkerware.)
  • Your Twitter or Facebook account has been suspended for no good reason.

This training covers the key measures activists should take before and if any of these happen to reduce their risk and be able to continue their work.

Dox Defense for Activists: Protecting Yourself from Digital Harassment

As activists speak out, organize, and shake the ground toward liberation, a common response by our opposition is to harass, dox, and wage cyber threats against us. Far-right media outlets and police departments are releasing the names and photos of activists in an attempt to create harassment campaigns against organizers. As a result it’s more important than ever for activists to know their digital footprint and be able to control the information available about them. This workshop teaches how to respond to emergency dox defense situations and longterm steps for removing personal data from the internet.

  • Responding to dox emergencies with a 24-hour plan
  • How to protect yourself from getting doxxed
  • Removing personal information from people-search databases that list phone numbers and home addresses
  • How to request the removal of copyrighted images of you online
  • Burying and/or removing bad Google results

Digital Security for Protesters Facing Police/State Surveillance

This workshop offers a step-by-step guide to assessing threats faced by activists, and creating a security plan tailored to those specific threats. We will cover encrypted and anonymous communications platforms, using virtual private networks (VPNs) to mask your IP address, and protest security.

  • Communicate safely, using encrypted and anonymous platforms
  • Document protests without unnecessarily endangering other activists
  • Livestream a protest without law enforcement being able to track you down
  • Secure your phone at a protest
  • Use privacy settings to reduce your social media footprint

Photo Credit: Lastesis Flash Mob

Comments from registrants:

"This course is an eyeopener, and very helpful for creating strategy, and training for successful community change campaigns by using digital tools. All courses which I have taken are very resourceful, and well presented for easier understanding" - Venant Milgo, Students' Welfare Officer, Mzumbe University

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