Direct Action for People Power in the Digital Age

For activists and campaigners waging justice against big adversaries

Need to escalate engagement and pressure but wondering how to do it wisely and effectively? Creative direct action can create immense pressure on targets, especially when amplified and layered with online tools and tactics. This intensive 9 hours series includes 3 hours specifically on direct action strategy and tactics under authoritarian regimes. It is led by a team of deeply experienced direct action campaigners.

What's covered:

  • The history of direct action, its place in social justice struggles today
  • The building blocks of direct action organizing as a strategy and tactic
  • How to plan and participate in non-violent direct action
  • Examples of direct action tactics
  • How to prepare for the roles needed to carry out actions
  • Effective media strategy, including both new and traditional media for actions, broken down to what to do before, during and after the action
  • Ways to stay safe while participating in direct action: defining “security culture,” developing group agreements around safety, encrypted technologies and best practices, creating space for emotional care and support
  • We hear from direct action activists around the world. They share strategy, tactics, and what has worked for them online and off to win rights for women, access to water and electricity, fair pay for teachers, land rights, protection from mining, limits on military power, and lots more.
  • Humor, satire, symbolism, anonymous actions, distributed action, flashmob... we share lots of examples of tactics and principles that can lead to a big impact while building confidence and keeping activists safer.

Slides, supporting materials and captioning in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic.


15 direct action organizers from the United States, India, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar, Lebanon, Sudan, El Salvador, and Peru.

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