Distributed Organizing

Activating People Across Regions & Countries with a Tiny Coordinating Team

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You need to build a movement for action across a country or internationally and have super limited resources to do it? Distributed action is a way to organize that supports leaders to organize their own events locally that are connected to a whole, for example as part of a day or week of action.

This training goes through the steps to set up a distributed action plan and decide which digital tools are going to be effective at every step. Instructors also go through the risks and errors of distributed organizing. Case studies are presented by organizers who have run effective distributed campaigns.

This course covers:

  • Distributed organizing and its strategic advantages
  • Planning and implementing an effective distributed organizing campaign, including designing highly replicable actions, creating small groups, and supporting their development
  • Designing strong digital pathways for people to organize and take action
  • Pros and cons to a range of support tools


This course is instructed by several campaigners who share specific campaign examples and lessons they’ve learned from them, such as 350.org – Southeast Asia, Leadnow – Canada, the Sierra Club – USA, the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center – USA, Greenpeace – Netherlands.

Main instructor: Victoire Guillonneau has organizing distributed actions over the last 15 years in France and across Europe. Her experience includes coordinating street art actions simultaneously in 7 countries and helping coordinate a day of climate action in 30 cities in France with 150,000 participants. Victoire is SMT’s Europe Movement Support Coordinator.

Photo: Les Rosies, feminist group doing danse and chant actions in anti-austerity demonstrations. Credits: Attac France

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