Email To Drive Action

Writing and sending campaign tips and tricks to help make this a powerful tool in your organizing

Ready to get really good at email, one of the most powerful tools to drive action?

This online course is designed for beginner to advanced online organizers. Wondering if this course is right for you? Feel free to take the quiz at the bottom of this page. Includes key topics such as expert tips on composing and structuring effective emails, building your list, maximizing deliverability by curating your list, how to measure success beyond open rates and clicks, how to increase engagement, and a series of advanced topics.

Advanced email session covers how to:

  • Diagnose deliverability issues and resolve them
  • Maximize the impact of your A/B testing — what to test, what size audience, and when statistical significance is important
  • Determine whether a welcome series makes sense
  • Grow your list effectively
  • Design a reactivation program
  • Manage a medium to large email program: planning, approving and check-listing procedures & docs (templates provided)
  • Free and low-cost vendors/services to improve your email program


Will Easton, SMT Staff Partner. Has managed email programs for progressive causes since 2005. Currently directs fundraising and email strategy for the Mozilla Foundation. Previously served as an Email Advisor for NextGen Climate and, Director of Email Engagement for the Bernie 2016 campaign, and as a Senior Manager at CREDO. Will’s offline organizing experience is in the electoral arena – including leading barnstorm meetings as the Midwest Distributed Organizing Director for Bernie 2016 and as a co-founder of San Francisco for Democracy. Holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration (MNA) from the University of San Francisco, and taught Management Information Systems in both the MNA and Masters of Public Administration programs as adjunct faculty at USF.

Elena Perez, SMT Staff Partner. Began her work in progressive advocacy with the California chapter of the National Organization for Women, where she built their email program and website in the early 2000s. Campaign Director with through the 2012 election cycle. Currently Web Communications Coordinator for SEIU-UHW, the United Healthcare Workers.

Hannah Roditi, SMT Executive Director

"I found the email coaching course to be extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed that this exercise involved everyone working from the same assignment. It made the feedback that much more helpful. I think this has been one of the best SMT sessions that I've taken." - Crystal Mor, Digital Coordinator, NJ-CAIC

"Great information on how to make emails more impactful and spur action. Great to get direct feedback on a sample email." - Jocelyn Meyers, Communications and Developtment Director, Friends of Cedar Mesa

Recordings and Materials

  Effective fundraiser emails
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  Advanced email techniques
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  Email vs. Texting to drive action
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