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Course in English - Subtitles in English, French and Spanish

The first three sessions in this series are specifically designed for and by Europe-based activists and campaigners. They include European examples and considerations and are led by Western and Eastern Europe-based instructors. The fourth session, on WhatsApp, is led by SMT’s team members from Africa and Latin America.

1. Activist Pipelines to Fuel People Powered Campaigns

Your organization has a list of people who subscribed to your newsletter or signed a petition, what do you ask of them next to create a powerful force to win change?

  • How do we activate enough people?
  • How do we transform new potential supporters into active leaders of online and offline action?

Activating people to use their power is what creates winning campaigns. In this training, learn to:

  • Invite new supporters into meaningful but doable online and offline roles to share in the work of building a powerful campaign and movement
  • Create a series of online and offline actions that engage people deeper in your campaign and escalate pressure on your target
  • Combine the right tools and steps to make it easy for people to sign up
  • Create online spaces to help build community among your people
  • Create a support system for people to stay and thrive
  • Build personal outreach to every new supporter into your workflow
  • Be ready for trigger events when your issue is in the news and it’s easier to activate people
  • Automate what you can, to do more as a small team
  • Measure and evaluate progress in activating people at different levels

2. Action Network: A Tool for Taking Action & Managing Data in People Power Campaigns

Are you using MailChimp for e-mail, or for your petitions? If so, you need this training! Learn about a movement tool (Action Network) designed by and for activists and being used in campaigns across the region and globe. Use the powerful free version to send emails, launch petitions, and hold all your supporter information.

Learn about the limitations of email tools that are not action tools, and why it’s so important to own and control your own supporter list.


  • How to design and launch a petition
  • The range of features and how they can help you build your activist base and deepen their engagement
  • Tips and tricks for automation to individualize responses with a tiny team
  • Examples from Asian and other global campaigns using the tool Comment end

3. Twitter for Pressuring Targets and Getting Media

Twitter is a powerful tool for engaging the media, targeting corporations and government officials, and activating global support.

Ukrainians and anti-war activists are using Twitter to shame the Russian oligarchy and build the movement to pressure European governments to take more action. Kenyans used Twitter along with direct action to win a law that protects their children’s playgrounds from greedy developers. Palestinians use Twitter to spotlight Israeli state violence against them on the global stage and to win agreements from celebrities and corporations. Indian human rights activists use it to fight back against police intimidation. Twitter was a key tool in the successful Argentinian movement for reproductive rights. Mexican communities victimized by climate disasters in Mexico used it to get organized…There are so many ways that activists and movements are using this powerful tool.

Learn how to:

  • Use Twitter strategically to intensify pressure on targets, including how to orchestrate powerful twitterstorms and hijack hashtags
  • Find and engage new regional and global allies, especially with the help of a powerful free tool
  • Cultivate journalists and get media coverage
  • Grow your account fast and strategically using 2 powerful free tools
  • Track results using another free tool
  • Put together a Twitter plan of action using SMT’s Twitter Plan Template

4. WhatsApp for Activating Our Base: especially for campaigners organizing with people from countries where WhatsApp is the most-used app

As the most used app globally, campaigners are using WhatsApp in creative ways to build people power.

Learn how campaigners are using WhatsApp to build and win campaigns for change:

  • What WhatsApp is best for
  • Using broadcast lists versus groups, and upcoming changes to groups
  • Building and managing a team of WhatsApp group volunteers
  • Managing multiple groups, and making it easy to join them
  • Designing content to drive sharing and action-taking
  • WhatsApp for fundraising
  • Missed call campaigns
  • Calls to action that work
  • A low-cost tool for organizing groups to do mass personalized messaging to a list of WhatsApp users
  • Comparison of tools to manage messaging for larger campaigns
  • When a WhatsApp chatbot might be useful, how they work and what they cost
  • Developments in multi-admin access and how to manage one account across a team
  • How to manage risk, especially under state-sponsored surveillance and when to use Telegram or Signal instead
  • How to turn off data-sharing with Facebook

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