Facebook for Organizing

Learn a radically different way to use Facebook to deepen your organizing, your members’ sense of community, and the depth of your leadership​.


If you have a Facebook page, this training is for you!

With a fantastic team of online organizers from several movements, we’ll introduce you to a radically different way to use Facebook to deepen your organizing, your members’ sense of community, and the depth of your leadership. We show you how to make great-looking posts quickly and easily with free tools; the ways you should and shouldn’t be using Facebook ads to increase your reach to new audiences, engagement of current audience, and pressure on targets; how to make the most of the dollars you have and bring it all together in multi-channel campaigns; and how to evaluate your success going beyond vanity metrics to what’s really important for your organizing. We use movement examples throughout. Presenters will include online organizers from Upworthy, the climate movement, the fight for net neutrality and others.

Storytelling and Facebook (and how to make memes for viral storytelling!)

The why and how of telling real stories for real movements. Why is “Humans of New York” one of the most popular facebook pages? Why do stories attract us to the plights of other people? How can we generate real stories for our groups, events, and fundraisers and package them in ways that get shared and generate more interest and support? How do we sustain stories – and move beyond cameos? How do you craft cutting edge memes without any design skills? We’ll talk about real world examples like the process of making 50+ “story memes” for the People’s Climate March. We’ll also give a hands-on walkthrough of how to design your own memes using free online tools.

The truth is, when you stop seeing yourself as a marketer and more as a storyteller, you can ditch a whole lot of stress, and learn to hone the art of listening, gathering, and being genuine. Learn how to let stories guide your work through this pivotal, revolutionary, and practical workshop.

Using Facebook ads creatively for organizing

“Boosting” posts is the tip of the iceberg, and isn’t enough to get the job done. Strategy, tools, tips and tricks to use FB promoted posts to build your list, activate your supporters, pressure targets, and test out alternate framing on your issues. When it makes sense to pay to build a fanbase, and how to do it right.

Bring it all together across channels and evaluate campaign results

We review specific metrics (going beyond vanity metrics) and provide a template with options. Facebook posting strategy and tools and tips for deeper engagement.


JoeSolomonJoe Solomon is a co-founder of, and is the former social media coordinator for and Energy Action Coalition. Joe is the co-editor of “The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever.” Joe has helped train hundreds of young climate activists in the art of story-based social media and has co-led social media storytelling efforts for global days of action and events such as Power Shift and the Peoples Climate March in New York City. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia and is writing a book about climate activism.

megan90x00Megan Kelley is a co-founder of, and currently works as an Associate Product Manager at Upworthy. She has volunteered her time with numerous environmental campaigns, doing everything from working in the kitchen, to making t-shirts, to helping coordinate media strategy. Megan lives in the northeastern U.S., wherever she can find wifi and a nice hike to do with her dog, Macaroni

evangreer90x100Evan Greer is a Staff Partner with Social Movement Technologies and Campaign Director with Fight for the Future, a cutting edge non-profit that uses innovative viral technologies to organize some of the largest online protests in internet history. Has been organizing creative, hard-hitting campaigns for over a decade, with expertise in digital strategy and online campaigns, social media outreach, engaging young people, website optimization, testing successful messaging, coalition building, group dynamics, and long-term strategy. Past organizing experience includes media strategist for the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee, founding continental collective member of Rising Tide North America, and coordinating a volunteer medical clinic in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Evan has also led workshops and trainings for social change groups across North America and Europe during five years of movement-building performance tours.

alnisaallgoodAlnisa Allgood, SMT Board member. Has spent 30+ years working with nonprofits and community organizations with more than 20 of those years specializing in mission-driven technologies. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Nonprofit Tech— a nonprofit technology organization working to change how nonprofits work with, learn about, and use technology. Passionate about increasing organizational capacity, strengthening social impact, and building community, she has lots of Facebook experience.

hannahHeadshot2013-100pxHannah Roditi is a long-time union, community and faith-based organizer. She has designed and led social media training for groups from D.C. to Oakland as well as on-line trainings with up to 500 organizers, including in Spanish and bilingually for mixed language groups, works with unions and organizing groups across the country to help them ramp up with social media to build power and win campaigns. The use of new tech tools to strengthen on-the-ground organizing and ramp up pressure on targets is a passion of Hannah’s.

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Hannah Roditi
Hannah Roditi

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