Getting Media to Cover Your Organizing

What to do online and off - before, during and after your event

Not getting the level of media coverage you need? Seasoned organizers, media wranglers and veteran journalists share how to cultivate reporters, and what to do at each stage of events and actions, both online and off, to increase the likelihood of getting the kind of earned media we all want. Wondering if this course is right for you? Feel free to take the quiz at the bottom of this page.


Kendra Chaikind, SMT Staff Partner and veteran reporter and communications staffer.

Deivid Rojas, SMT Staff Partner, who has managed media for dozens of strikes.

Evan Greer, SMT Staff Partner. Has been organizing creative, hard-hitting campaigns for over a decade, with expertise in digital strategy and online campaigns. Campaign manager at Fight for the Future, a cutting edge non-profit that uses innovative viral technologies to organize some of the largest online protests in internet history.

Isaiah Poole, SMT Staff Partner. Writer and media specialist. His broad range of experience includes writing op-eds, crafting email action campaigns, publishing policy reports and producing video. He is the editorial manager for The Next Systems Project of the Democracy Collaborative. Before that, he served as the communications director of People’s Action and led communications and research work for the Campaign for America’s Future. Poole has a three-decade-long career in journalism that includes being a Washington correspondent for Black Enterprise magazine in the early 1980s, a national political reporter for The Washington Times who covered the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 1988 campaign, and the managing editor who led the launch of the Prince George’s County, Maryland editions of The Gazette. He also helped launch the Washington Association of Black Journalists and was a founding member of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association.

(Photo credit: Spencer Platt, 2011 Occupy Wall Street, NYC)

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