How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully in Campaigns


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In combination with prospecting tools (tools that help you reach out to potential funders, allies, targets, or supporters by email or social media), LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for campaigns to reach thousands of people with sophisticated targeting and no ads. SMT has spent years perfecting these techniques across multiple campaigns.

This course covers:

  • Finding your target audience
  • Recommended workflows and tools at various budget levels to meet the needs of different campaign needs and strategic uses. We will share which tools are good for what and what their limitations are.
  • Why organizational accounts are weak on LinkedIn compared to personal accounts and the work-around for that
  • Recommended set-up of the personal LinkedIn account you will use along with the internal organization agreement you’ll likely want to have in place to protect against disruptions from staff transitions
  • Special considerations for organizations with global audiences
  • Measures to respect privacy considerations and avoid running afoul of GDPR and other protections
  • When it may make sense to build and moderate a LinkedIn group, and when not to bother
  • Why we encourage spending ad money on some platforms for specific purposes, but not so much on LinkedIn

Registration for this on-demand course includes a 1-hour strategy session with a senior SMT staffer. After registering, contact [email protected] to get this session set up.

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  How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully in Campaigns
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