Instagram for Organizing: Skillshare

How are online organizers using Instagram to build power online? A range of experienced online organizers will share examples and best practices.

How are online organizers using Instagram to build power online? If you have teen, you know that young people are all over this one. But they aren’t alone. A range of experienced online organizers using Instagram in their work share examples and the best practices they’ve picked up, including:

  • Who is using Instagram, and why?
  • What is it best for? How does it complement other channels like Facebook and Twitter?
  • What are some ways groups are using it in campaigns?
  • How to build up your following?
  • What’s the minimum time and resources needed to use it effectively?
  • Lots more

Organizers sharing their experience:

  • Jamiah Adams, former Senior Director of Digital Media at the NAACP
  • DeAnne Cuellar, Communications Coordinator, Equality Texas
  • Shana DeClercq, Community Engagement Manager, The Story of Stuff Project
  • Kathy Plate, Online Communications Director, UltraViolet
  • Alexa Tomassi, Social Media Manager, Sandy Hook Promise
  • Brian Tierney, Project Manager, Teamsters Union (IBT)
  • Kristina Villarini, Digital Engagement Manager, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Photo credit: "Having more random searches or more police isn’t real safety. As part of Students Deserve (@la_studentsdeserve), we are marching in solidarity with #MarchForOurLives to end all violence, including the school to prison pipeline and the over-policing in schools — especially the discrimination against black and brown students of color." -Sumaiya, high school junior, Zi, college freshman, and Jahlani, high school senior

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