Managing Google Ad Grants for Organizing

Does your 501(c)3 manage a Google Ads Grant to boost your visibility and organizing? This course is full of tips for getting the most out of it.

Does your 501(c)3 manage a Google Adwords Grant? (i.e. $10K/month in free google ads available to 501c(3)s)
This is mostly a technical training. However, we share examples of how Google ads are being used in organizing and to pressure targets.

In 2018, Google announced new guidelines that will affect most non-profits. Failure to meet them could lead to suspension.

In this course you’ll learn what you need to know to stay in compliance and make the most out of your Google ads, including:

  • A new five percent click rate requirement for your ads across your entire account (up from one percent previously).
  • Maintaining a quality score of 3 or higher for keywords.
  • Required use of geo-targeting.
  • Avoiding branded keywords you don’t own.
  • And more.

Google also lifted its $2 bid cap on keywords when using the maximize conversions bid type. We’ll explain what this means and how you can take advantage of this new opportunity.

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Brett Gerstein, Staff Partner, Social Movement Technologies. Brett helps progressive organizations acquire and retain supporters through online advertising on Facebook, Google and YouTube. Highly experienced in analyzing metrics to help groups increase the effectiveness of their website and digital outreach. Proficient at setting up and managing Google Adwords campaigns. Has been active in a number of movements including immigrant rights and prison reform. Also a former Web Producer for Bernie Sanders

Photo Credit: Black Lives Matter protest. (Joshua Windsor, @josh.michael.windsor)

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