SEO for Campaigns & Social Justice Organizations

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Here’s what's covered in this SEO training:

SEO Basics

  • How search engine results pages are structured and how site pages are ranked
  • How A.I. is influencing search results
  • When you should consider implementing SEO strategy
  • How a site’s backend affects search rankings and how to communicate SEO needs to a developer
  • Tools for technical SEO audits

Content Strategy

  • The importance of keywords and tools for keyword research
  • How to use A.I. tools to create SEO titles, meta descriptions and structure page content
  • How to implement keywords into existing and new site content
  • Optimizing your social media channels
  • Working with other sites to raise your rankings with “link building”

Benchmarking and Measuring Results

  • Find out how to benchmark your site against similar organization sites and opposition sites’ rankings
  • What and how to measure results using free tools
  • Understand where to focus your strategy, including short-term vs long-term strategies
  • Learn how to use results to inspire new content/material and campaigns

Team Management

  • Time investment to expect, and how soon you’ll start seeing results
  • Setting up guidelines, and basic SEO training, for your website’s editors

Instructor: Polyana Ferreira De Oliveira, SMT Staff Partner

Polyana has been working with online tools and tactics for over 15 years, starting with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She began with SEO sales, moved to an ad agency, and then helped build one of the first in-house SEO teams in Brazil. Today, she supports environmental and climate movement groups with content strategy, SEO, and online community building in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Having grown up as an undocumented immigrant in the US, and then most of her adult life in her native Brazil, she is also passionate about refugee and immigrant rights as well as preserving local and ancestral knowledge and customs. In Brazil, she works with community-based tourism organizations and partners, to prevent mass tourism and support responsible travel.

Photo: Ugandans protest extreme LGBTQ criminalization laws getting enacted in response to campaigns by American right-wing evangelicals. AP/Ben Curtis

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