Top Tools & Tactics to Bump Up Your Online Organizing Game

Whether you’re a complete digital novice, or advanced, make sure you aren’t missing out on key digital tools and tactics.

An overview of ways you can deploy online tools & tactics in combination with offline organizing to engage supporters, broaden your base, raise money, pressure targets, and win campaigns. We draw on lessons learned from resistance movements and the latest online developments and social media trends. Whether you’re a complete digital novice, or advanced, make sure you aren’t missing out on key digital tools and tactics, learn what other organizers are doing to win and how to do it with limited time and money. And whether you’re an activist starting from scratch or part of a large organization, there’s something here for you.

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There were 900+ registrants for the live training.

Comments from registrants:

"This is an in-depth course with subject matter experts presenting. I learned how little I actually know about social media and how influential social media can be to help leverage your group and their needs." - Michael Nickerson, Business Agent & Executive Board President, IUOE Local 727

"It's a great overview of what constitutes digital strategy with tangible suggestions in many areas for what tools work and at what price point." - Sean Kosofsky, Executive Director, Climate Advocacy Lab

"Even for a small campaign and media presence that I work in, I found it helpful to learn about all of the best practices, free tools, and how to combine these with serious goals. I'll be using this information today." - Eric Halvarson, Organizer, College and University Recycling Coalition

"An awesome database of resources, concrete next steps, costing, and more. Definitely worth saving the slide deck for reference! The quiz questions are helpful for focusing your learning" - Juhi Sohani, Organizer, Climate Climate Justice Montral

"Good overview of different tools and technologies, up to date best practice recommendations" - Naomi Blackburn, Head of Campaigns, Victorian Greens

"This course gives a tailored insight into the tools one can use, including their pros and cons, and which is cheaper and more effective." - Socrates Mbamalu, Staff Writer, This Is Africa

"I wish SMT had existed when I started organizing in 2010! I learned many of these skills on the fly, often through trial and error. Overall it is really helpful to learn about all of the new tools which exist, especially ones that non-profits can use for low or no cost. The presentation did a great job of outlining best practices for many different scenarios." - Isaac Silberman-Gorn, Mechanic Mentor, Baltimore Youth Kinetic Energy

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