x (Twitter) Power Boot Camp

For activists and campaigners waging justice against big adversaries, and journalists

  • Learn how activists, particularly across Africa, MENA and Europe, are using Twitter strategically to build pressure in campaigns targeting big corporate and government decision-makers and to build visibility in the media
  • Learn how journalists can develop their Twitter account to protect themselves and ensure they have allies if they need them
  • Build your account quickly and strategically, by up to 250 followers per week using free and low-cost tools and techniques (participants will implement during the series and share results)
  • Use Twitter lists and DM groups to activate followers
  • Orchestrate a Twitterstorm including the hijacking of a hashtag
  • Develop a guide using free tools to make it easy for allies to participate
  • Develop your Twitter Strategic Plan based on the needs of your campaign
  • Share options for when a government running scared tries to shut you down, and how to be prepared for it. (Participants will also have the option to form a global Twitter solidarity community.

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