Organizing During Physical Isolation

Tools and tactics being used during COVID-19 isolation

Discussion of creative all-digital organizing actions and offline community-building actions that incorporate the need for physical isolation.

This webinar was offered in late March/early April 2020 at no cost during 3 time zones to make it accessible to people across the globe. It was attended by over 2,000 people live.

Contributions towards the recording contribute to the cost of providing the sessions and help support future rapid response webinars. SMT is a non-profit/NGO whose training work is supported entirely from registration fees.

Captioned in 7 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bahasa, Arabic, and French.

We will continue to add good examples and information on tools and tactics to the slide deck so it serves as an ongoing resource. The community document is fully editable so it can also serve as an ongoing community resource.

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Here's the session on Transitioning to a Remote Team.

Comments from registrants:

"As a neophyte to the social media movement I found this to be easy to follow, informative and relevant and applicable now to my work." - Jacquie Ray, UniServ Director, Montgomery County Teachers Association

"It is important for others to know that this course has been very helpful in learning how to use digital technologies for community participation and collaboration. It provides helpful advice on how to use different online tools and platforms to encourage community members to communicate and engage with one another. I now have a clear foundation for putting into practice tactics that promote inclusivity and transparency in communities thanks to this course. It's also been helpful to me in understanding how to modify and enhance digital tools according to the particular requirements and dynamics of various communities. All things considered, this course has given me the information and abilities I need to promote meaningful participation and teamwork in a variety of community contexts." -Kristina Hernandez-Pedraya, Phillipines

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