Transitioning to a Remote Team

Practices, tools and tech stack recommendations for a badass remote organizing team

Many organizing groups need to transition to remote teams and fully online organizing during the COVID-19 period.

This webinar was offered in late March/early April 2020 at no cost during 3 time zones to make it accessible to people across the globe. It was attended by over 1,500 people live.

Contributions towards the recording contribute to the cost of providing the sessions and help support future rapid response webinars. SMT is a non-profit/NGO whose training work is supported entirely from registration fees.

Captioned in 7 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bahasa, Arabic, and French.

We will continue to add good examples and information on tools and practices to the slide deck so it serves as an ongoing resource. The community document is fully editable so it can also serve as an ongoing community resource.

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  • Transition considerations
  • Tech stack (tools combination) options for remote team collaboration and management. Discussion includes free and low-cost tools as well as tools useful for small and larger teams.
  • Ways to maximize "face time" with colleagues, members and leaders when in-person face time is not possible
  • Digital security implications
  • Online training options
  • Process best practices for implementation
  • Staff policies/practices guide (we're starting to collect/develop a template for this and will add it)

Here's the session on Organizing during Physical Isolation.


"The Transitioning to a Remote Team course by SMT was exceptionally thorough. It covered crucial aspects like online meeting practices, productivity tools such as computer speed, and efficient team communication protocols. Proficiency in utilizing tools like Google Hangouts, Meet, and Zoom for different meeting needs was emphasized. The course's practical approach, including optimizing lighting and noise reduction techniques, demonstrated SMT's commitment to providing comprehensive remote work training." - Anas Bin, Pakistan

"The course is extremely well-curated with a lot of resources and their use clearly delineated and explained for diverse participants. It makes sense, in the current post-COVID era, for project managers, non-profit staff members, corporate employees and a host of other professionals to have and follow the arsenal of remote tools and tech for effective communication and building of communities of practice." - Deepannita Misra, India

Photo Credit: Joshua Windsor, Instagram (@josh.michael.windsor). 2020

Comments from registrants:

"The wealth of tools & community rating for usefulness is so useful & also really helps to give a sense of the digital organizing community." Emma Galbraith, Organizer, Sunrise Austin

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